Masashi HAZUMI [Keynote](KEK,Japan)"Cosmic evolution and fundamental physics"
Satoru UOZUMI(Okayama Univ.,Japan)"Introduction to LiteBIRD - Light Satellite for studies for B-mode Polarization and Inflation from cosmic Background Radiation and Detection"
Ken'ichi SAIKAWA(DESY,Germany)"Production and evolution of axion dark matter in the early universe"
Noboru SASAO(Okayama Univ.,Japan)"Intense gamma radiation by accelerated quantum ions"
Alexander KUZNETSOV(Demidov Univ.,Russia)"Neutrino decay to electron and W-boson in a superstrong magnetic field in the Early Universe"
Kazunori ITAKURA(KEK,Japan)"Interplay between strong fields in QED and QCD"
Anthony HARTIN(DESY,Germany)"The possibility of observing resonant photon splitting and photon scattering in a strong electromagnetic field"
Felix KARBSTEIN(Jena Univ.,Germany)"A fresh look on the Heisenberg-Euler effective action"
Ben KING(Plymouth Univ.,UK)"Vacuum birefringence in high-energy laser-electron collisions"
Akihiro YOSHIMI(Okayama Univ.,Japan)"Neutrino spectroscopy with atoms and laser - toward detection of relic neutrino -"
Yukio KAWANO(TITEC,Japan)"Terahetz Photon Detectors"
Karen HATSAGORTSYAN(MPI,Germany)"Radiation dominated nonlinear Compton scattering: signatures of quantum dynamics and attosecond gamma-bursts"
Takehito HAYAKAWA(QST,Japan)"Nulcear Astrophysics in laser deriven gamma-ray pulse"
Peter THIROLF(LMU,Germany)"Prospects of laser-driven ultra-dense ion bunches for the generation of extremely neutron-rich isotopes"